is the single most important factor in determining choices and behavioral patterns influencing your overall health and well being.


is a woman-centered psychotherapeutic intervention for women adjusting to life transitions such as relationship issues, stress management, pregnancy, empty nests adjustments or changes in physical or medical status.


As a wellness-focused lifestyle program,


serves as a guide through successful transitioning from one phase or stage of life to another. Enrollment occurs concurrently with clinical treatment or upon discharge. It is NOT a substitute for clinical treatment.

Common life transitions addressed include:change in life situation - marriage, divorce, retirement; graduation; changing professions; achieving and sustaining sobriety, etc.


In collaboration with Dr. Brooks and her team of professionals, you will design a program that promotes resilience, optimal physical and psychological functioning with a more positive approach to living.

You will learn to adopt a healthier attitude and mindset while engaging effective coping tools and resources to achieve an improved quality of life.

Our approach helps diminish your risk for physical and psychological illness, avoid counterproductive reactions to life situations, and reduce negative behaviors and outcomes when you need to respond to stressful life events.

Learn to take responsibility for your happiness and well-being and enjoy the enriched, fulfilling life you envisioned.

It is a journey worth taking.